Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Am Honored

WOW!! I have some great news today, first when I looked at my blog before getting on here to post, I saw I had two followers, Chris from and Suzan Buckner from I am so excited. Thanx, ladies.

My next great news is in a short story: Last August I was enrolled in a class for work and I traveled to Riverside, CA for a week. On the same Friday of that week Teesha Moore was having a journal class beginning in Washington State. I wanted to go to that class soooo bad and work had gotten in the way, that I actually ALMOST booked a flight from Riverside to Washington that Friday and not come home. BUT I had to be at the journal class at 5:00pm that Friday and I didn't get out of my Supervisor class until 5:00pm, so of course I could not go. Teesha and I spoke by email and she said no way I could do that but she would always have another one, so of course I saw on her blog that she would have one again in Washington in May 09 and we could register in January. So today she posted that, that journal class will not be in Washington this year but in San Jose, CA only 100 miles from me!!!! So I am hoping to get registered soon and Oh Yea, I will be there this year, even though my husband wanted to go on a cruise that week, cause he is on vacation, but I have been on 3 cruises and have never had a chance to attend a Teesha Moore Journal Class, so guess which one I chose???? He had never made the reservations for the cruise yet anyway. Happy dance!!!

Now, my last bit of great news. I bought a Bind-It-All Machine. I want to make journals out of old books and use the book covers for the covers of the journals and fill them with found papers and of course some pages out of the books. Cool. I bought some like that recently at a Handborn art walk here and said, hey I can do that. I will post a pic of the binding machine as soon as I get the chance. Whew, this was a long post, but all good news. Goodnight!


Suzan Buckner said...

Thanks for the mention, and being honored!!heheh! Have a great day!!

Creepy Margaret said...

Thanks for the news about the San Jose workshop. I live in Sacramento. Maybe I can go -- I've wanted to go forever too.

Chris said...

I'm so glad about your journal class! YAY! I bet that is SO cool! Congrats to you for making the right decision!

Thanks for the mention! And I love Suzan Buckner's work so you should definitely feel honored.

Anonymous said...

What?!? SAN JOSE?!? SWEET!!!! May what? I hope it's not the third weekend... That's my retreat and I can't miss that! Give me some info and I'll try and work something out so I can go with you! okay? : D

Nothing like me inviting myself, yeah? LOL!
Take it easy CB

Retro Girl said...

I bought a bind-it-all and have never used it yet! Talk about good intentions! :-)

Wow, that journal class sounds awesome. Hope you get to go and that you truly enjoy it!

Sharon said...

Well folks, I paid for my registration tonight. Yipee Skipee!
Can't wait to see Teesha in person and learn her great techniques. Yes!! I am so stoked, I will not sleep tonight, or most nights till May.