Friday, January 2, 2009

Monsters & Journal Pals

This is my Monster collection. I love the really freaky, weird ones the best. In this pic, the two very small red striped one and the small black and white stripped one I got at Hot Topix at the mall, and i have always called those two my journal pals. They live in my home office all over the place, but close by so I can look, touch and talk to them. the big guy on the right has a cape and was made by a young girl and I bought him from her at the Earth Day Celebration last year. I love my Monster's.

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Chris said...

Sharon, thanks for checking out my blog! And I love your monsters. I have a friend who loves monsters and I will refer her to this because she will love it.
Journaling is going to be a challenge for me. But I hope we both work through the 'issues'!

I'll be back!