Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Have Actually Made a Dent into Journaling

I prefer the one on the left, but there has been so much crazy at work lately, I am thinkin' about the one on the right. Ha! LOL!
Now back to the title of this post.........Last weekend, I jumped in and worked in my office at home to try to first, find it, and second to make a more organized space for my tons of art related items. You know the stuff I buy constantly that I just had to have, and then never use. But I must say, it looks waaaay better than last weekend, and I made a major dent into journaling.
I have decided that to make a really good shot at journaling that I need to try to cut down on the intimidation of my Mole Journal. Well, what that is suppose to mean, is, I still have 3/4 of it as empty pages and NO journaling attempts. Now first before this gets too blurry, I will tell you that I bought this Squared Moleskine in Feb 05. It is now Feb 08 and I need to get busy. So I have come up with a brilliant solution.......Drum roll, please..........I am going to glue a couple of pages together every 4th page to help cut down the number of pages in this journal. Get it? The Moleskine's have 140 pages. I need to cut that down to fewer pages I have to put art on. Genius!!! Well, maybe not the way you look at it, but it will also help strengthen some pages for wet art, like paint. I will let you know how this works out.
This weekend I have to work, some, of course, at my real job and then tomorrow (Sunday) I have to take my parents to a Casino, yes this is a chore, but my Dad is 90 and DOES NOT NEED TO DRIVE there, but is going to if I don't drive them myself. My Mom said last night, she would feel safer if I drove. Well, Yea!!! My Dad thinks he drives fine, but since I am a driving instructor by day, I know better. It's only about 2 hours away, but is suppose to rain, and with not driving there in years and in the foothills, he just don't need to do it. So if I don't go, he will drive. Argh!! He's a crazy old man and thinks he is 50 again. And they don't do much except sit around the house most of the time, so they need to go out once in a while for gambling purposes as long as I drive. Oh yea, his license expires when he is 92. He is already talking about the renewal. Just shoot me!!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Great post! Can you see him going to DMV and submitting for a renewal? LOL! If he does, you need to let me know so I can go watch... I need to see this!
; )

Chris said...

HA! You are such a great daughter!! And good for you with the progress. All progress is good.

I love the photo of you and your dad in the next post.