Monday, February 16, 2009

Journal Pages

WOW!! Maybe I have figured out how to do something with posting pics to Blogger. Anyhoo, this first journal page is one of a tree and is still in progress. The background is blue paint and scratched with a Tonic Tool Scratcher that Tim Holtz puts out. (Timmy is one of my heros). I am still adding to the tree and need to find a cool moon and some other collage to finish it.
This next one is two pages still in progress. I can tell I should be looking at the photos before I post so I can retake until I get good shots......but the collage on the left came from a score I found at the flea market of a ton of graphics that had been printed on adhesive back paper and so they are stickers. Again the back ground is paint and scratched. The page on the right is a blue green back ground with spirals written in paint with the end of the handle of the paint brush dipped in the paint.
And finally this page was finished on 4-20-06. Yes, the same Moleskine I am working in now. The back ground is a napkin with the bamboo plants and dragonfly's. I added the man, the birds and the large music note and the words. Plus the fairy on his shoulder with wings. Again, the pic is not the best. Napkins are so cool for adding to a journal page. This one was 2 ply napkin and I separated it to glue it to the pages. It has held up well for almost 3 years.
I have some more pics of this journal to share and will soon. Let me know what you think about this post, since you all have a ton of experience and I am a newbie.........
Have a great Prez Day!


Chris said...

Look at you, getting journal pages done! Cool. These are good.

Apple said...

I like your journal pages.

The more you are present in front of your journal with supplies, the more pages you will create (no matter how long it takes)!! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool CB! The pics are good, but try to get a bit closer. Fill the shot with just the page, not the table. Know what I mean?
Great to see your work getting "shown" now!
Take it easy

Creepy Margaret said...

I love art journals. Yours are cool. I still look at my "private" journal pages and judge them, wondering what others will think. So good for you on posting yours.

Seth said...

These pages look great Sharon. I love the look of this journal. And I am all about scratching backgrounds! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Go Guerilla Art!