Saturday, February 14, 2009

Journal Cover

Happy Valentine's Day.............
3 days off and I am going to go wild with my journal. I am so proud of me as I actually worked in it everyday last week.

This is a cover shot. I bought Sharpie Water Based Pens from Teesha Moore a while back and wanted to know what they will write on. So I used them for the cover. They are the best pens ever! I have quite a few now. My journal is a Moleskine that I bought in Feb 05 just to write in. Well, did a little bit and then that Dec, my friend Lotus, intoduced me to art journaling so my Mole became a place to learn journaling the way it was meant to!
I wanted to add some more journal pics that I have been working on this week to show you, but when I tried, it placed it on the top of this post instead of in the middle. I need to take a lesson in blogger....Arggh! If anyone that knows how to place photos in the middle of a post, let me know, please. Thanx.
Oh well, onward and upward. I have a whole 3 days off and want to journal, journal, journal.

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