Monday, December 8, 2008

My First Artful Entry

Since this is my first blog entry. I am very happy, since there is another blog I use to use but could never figure it out, and with Teesha Moore's help today I might have a REAL ONE!!!! Yea!!

But of course this comes on an evening that I have another committment, so this must be short.

I am a wanna be journal artist. And one of my goals for 2009 is to attend a journalling class in Washington with Teesha and Tracy Moore. I wanted to this year but work got in the way, so I WILL attend this year!! So there! Must run tonight, but am happy I got this going.


ps pirro said...

Wow, I get to leave the first comment! (and I'm a complete stranger! Ain't the internet grand?) Good luck with your art journaling and I hope you'll get to take that class with Teesha Moore. Looking forward to seeing what you do on your brand new blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey CB!
When is the journaling class and how much? Maybe, if it's not too near in the future, I can go with you (give me time to save some moola...)...?

Sharon said...

Thank you both.

I am going to try to comment back from here and see if it works.

Retro Girl said...

Hope you make it to the class! I'd love to attend a class, but it's not in the cards for me...(we're adopting and soon will be going to Korea to bring our baby home!)

Here via ArtNSoul (Apple)...good luck with your blog, and your journals. Hope to see some of your work here soon :-)