Friday, December 12, 2008

Beautiful Art & Techniques

If you are not a Tim Holtz follower, you need to be. Today was the last of his 12 days of Xmas Tags techniques on his blog with a ton of give aways each day. This guy is the most giving person on the planet I think. His tools and techniques are fab!! Please take a look at his wonderful blog: You will NOT be disappointed. I took one class from him a couple of years ago and fell in love, with everything Tim!! You will be a believer also, go look!

Well, Xmas is fast approaching and I haven't done a whole lot yet. Too much at the old day job. Holiday get together this Saturday night, so very very busy, but I am not complaining, cause I am very lucky to have a job.

And now for the commercial: Please go look at my friend, Lotus' blog she makes custom carved stamps and is a genius when it comes to ANYTHING art!! Just send her a pic and she will create a stamp that is the perfect image of it. She is just getting started on Etsy and needs the sales. Thanx, she is the best:

Next time, I want to tell you about the blogs I must look at every day, 3 or 4 times a day. Such talented folks out there for inspiration. WOW!!

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