Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fun Stuff

Hi, until I get busy and learn how to resize photos, this is what you get. This is a rubber stamp that my friend Lotus carved for me from a pic I gave her of my Grand Kids. This pic isn't the best but you can make out the detail. I am going to take another later. Lotus is a very talented artist, and can do amazing things with any type of media. Please check out her etsy shop If you would like to order a stamp, contact her and send her a pic of someone in your family, a pet, an anything and she will carve it up for you. And you will be satisfied. Guaranteed!!
We had our Xmas party last night for work... I am now the Karaoke Queen. Never did it before but it was fun. Everyone had a great time I think. But now I have the job of rebuilding my office. We held it there because I work in a building all by myself, and that was logical to use. It is upside down now. WOW!! But I will have help, cause we have great folks that will pitch in.
Next on the list is Xmas shopping. Have to go today to finish. Have another party I am going to attend next Saturday night. Wouldn't miss it!! Later.


Anonymous said...

Hey CB!
THanks for the recommendation! If you would like to use my picture in my Flickr account for your stamp, let me know! : )

The party really was fun! The karaoke was a hit! YOu know you won't live it down for awhile, right? lol... Now I know what to get you for Christmas... lol!

I was very happy to see those that I wanted to actually see attend the party. No party poopers. ; )

Good to see you post!

Sharon said...

Yes I do know I will never live it down. Oh well!! I actually had a good time also. Good guys atttended and that is what I was hoping for.

I do want to use the pic of my stamp. I am sending it to Missouri as part of my Xmas package to my DIL. Later