Saturday, March 2, 2013

Late as Always

Well I am back for just a short post tonight.

I am really struggling lately with work, my health, and my Daddy's health. I am exhausted all of the time, because I can't be home every night I guess.

I must get better myself before I can help others. So I REALLY need to get serious!

Since the last time I have been here, I went to a Kelly Kilmer class in Fremont. I made a great new type of journal for me. More like a portfolio. Pretty cool! And I needed the break from work also. It was fun as always. I laughed alot, and I needed that more than anything else.

Other stuff going on, is I am now a Downton Abbey Junkie! OK, so yes I am very late getting into this DRAMA! But everyone has been talking about it on Facebook and Twitter, and the first season was on Netflix, so I watched it and now I am hooked! My friend Arlene, let me borrow her Season 2 & 3 DVD's today, so I can catch up with everyone else!

I am also trying to get my art cave cleaned up....again! I need a craft maid! LOL Maybe someday I will get busier than I have been lately. It has been almost 2 years since I really was serious about cleaning in here! Yikes!

Oh, I know you want to know what I am reading. Well, I am right now hooked on 30 & 40's pulp fiction detective books. Cool old Signet, etc paperbacks with the best images on the covers, that were 25 cents when new. I find them at the flea market and used bookstores. They absolutely smell terrific! I love the smell of old book paper!

Oh I am going to another arty class next Saturday. I believe we are going to do some arty stuffs on canvases!! Woot! Since I have never been much at creating on canvas, this should be fun!

And one more thing before I go. This morning I saw our Big Boy Koi Fish, Homer, out of his pond laying on the lawn, deceased! And later my hubs found 2 more smaller gold fish dead on the ground also. I do believe we have a raccoon visiting at night! So there are 3 fishies left tonight. Let's see what I find in the morning . Hopefully happy swimming fishies!

So that is about it. I know I have not been posting much lately and I apologize, but I will keep plugging along. Just hang in there with me!



Kelly Kilmer said...

I hope that you can find some r and r soon. Thinking of you!!!!

It was great to see you (as always) in Fremont! Love your cards. Hope to see more of them. Have fun working on the project.

Poor fish. :(

Cheryl said...

Sorry to hear about the fish. Maybe a shark entered the pond and scared them so bad they jumped out. Maybe it was a turtle. Please take care of yourself as I am coming to visit this summer. Pick a time when Kelli is teaching a class we can go to. It has to be after May though. Love you!!!

Erin in Morro Bay said...

Love Kelly's classes - I bet you had a blast!