Saturday, February 9, 2013

Back Again

Hey folks, I am back again after another hiatis.

Those who know me, know that I take my day job very serious. And the last year it has been a struggle to stay afloat when the company I work for has conducted lay off's 3 times. I worry each and every day that I could get the tap on the shoulder and it will be over. But I keep working my brains out and so far I have survived. But that is enough of THAT drama.

I actually took a junk journal class today with my local art group and it was fun. We made Junk Journals with a coil binding. Remember to click on the pics to make them larger.

We used numerous junky type papers which included everything under the sun. These are a few of the papers I used, including a coffee filter for a pocket.

As you can see at the bottom, I made it wonky, but I don't care. I had a fun time learning how to use the binding machine to punch the holes, stack the pieces and then run the coil into them so it was bound. Next time, even though I like different size papers and envelopes, etc. I will stick with the sme size papers until I get the hang of it. It is actually about 8.5 X 11.

Anyway, since the store we meet at is an arts and crafts, school supply, 4-H Supplier, etc store, I always have to go shopping before we leave, and today was no exception. And OMG! I hit the Motherlode! Woot!

Behold, the Motherlode as in Faber Castel Big Brush Pens!!! I almost fell over as these were in the 50% off discount bins. In packages of 4 each and I took all I could find, and at $7.15 a package, I could not resist. I bought 5 packages! I love these pens. And they work as stamp markers too, cool!

And yesterday on my way home from the Bay Area, my car, instead of driving home all of a sudden went on detour and when it stoppped I was in Berkeley at Scrapbook Territory. WOW! I still don't know how that happened *wink*

So these interesting items jumped into my hands and into the car:

The white handles are Doodle Rollers! So cool. One is a Chevron design and the other is an arrow design. Cool. You will also see 3 new stencils and a Rays rubber stamp in the back. The magazine you see is a new art journal magazine called Featuring and it comes from the UK and features newer lesser known artists. It is great and was waiting for me when I got home.

Here is a clearer shot of the new Dylusions rubber stamps I bought. I could not resist the skulls.

Here is some lucious Japanese Paper that my friend Bev brought me today from her recent trip to Japan. Woot!! The 2 white pieces are huge and the bottom piece is very heavy. So cool!

And that, my friends is what I have been up to recently. I am doing my best to get back to the every weekend post, but to tell you the truth, I am exhausted on the weekends and don't want to do much.
So now I am off to go read and relax and unwind before I will be able to sleep.

And here I am now:



Cheryl said...

Hello kitty, love your papers in the book and the gift. I love Dyans stamps and stencils. I have those pens but the smaller ones. Much love.

Unknown said...

oh, the junk journal looks fantastic! fun to play in too. love the papers you used.

and OMG you scored on the pit pens! jealous! they'll be awesome to play with in your new journal!

Unknown said...

GRRR. stupid google is posting me as unknown. when it's actually beth :D

Erin in Morro Bay said...

Wow! Looks like you scored big! I love those Faber Castils - in any size.