Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm Baaaaack!

Hi everyone.

It has been a little while since I posted, but I have been busier than a one armed paper hanger!

This past weekend, I arted all day Friday with my good friend Beth. Shhhh, I was kinda playing hooky from work.

And then on Saturday and Sunday, I took 2 classes from the fabulous Dyan Reaveley. She is a hoot! And talks with a great British accent. Such a down to earth instructor as long as you LISTEN when she talks! LOL, more on that later.

Her hair is a great shade of red, don't ya think?
I brought this fellow to Dyan as a thank you for the class and since their hair color matches, I could not pass it up. Dyan immediately named him Gordon. Here is a pic of myself, Dyan and Gordon after class.
I am telling you this lady can teach. You are mentally and physically exhausted at the end of her classes, but wow, what a great ride. LOL
I must admit, the most interesting thing about my fab weekend was this:
While I was grabbing stuff to take to the classes, I looked down under my art table where I keep my magazines stored for collage images and saw this statement peeking out. I almost fell off of my chair from laughing. Click on the pic to enlarge it.
Oops, I almost forget to show you what I worked on in Dyan's class:
This is a small 5.5 X 8 inch journal made out of cardstock and Tim Holtz Kraft Resist papers, etc. It is 1 inch thick.
Here is an inside peek of one spread. Next is a couple of shots of the BIG Journal that Dyan created just for her type of art journaling. It is 11.5 X 9 inches. Huge and has the best paper. Go get one if you like to create on big pages.
What do you think???
OK so hope this has caught me up in the blog world for now. Whew! I am trying to come down from this art journaling  high I am on and trying my best to talk with a British accent now, LOL!! Have a safe week, folks!


Unknown said...

LOVE THE PAGES!!! looks like you had a blast, which is awesome!

and playing hookey from work is always a great thing. especially when i'm involved! love ya!

Erin in Morro Bay said...

I got to see her demo-ing at CHA and it was a kick! Bet the class was lots of fun.

Cheryl said...

Of course I saw this. We were talking on the phone while I was looking at it. But thanks for reminding me to come back and read it. I love the new journal you made. I have some of those resist papers. I've sorta been saving them. Of course. Don't we all? I love your sprays and splashes. And I'm totally jealous you got to meet her.