Sunday, November 25, 2012

Arty Curiosities & Other Stuffs

OK, so I came home from LA on Tuesday night and stayed home the rest of the week because of the Holiday and in doing so I have been experimenting with my Gelli Plate. Here is a pic of some practice prints I did with stencils:

I want to do a bunch more and add more layers to show very faint backgrounds as the very first layer and then add more layers. I need way more practice to make better backgrounds and find better colors that work together.

My friend Cheryl that lives in Washington and belongs to a great AJ Community there posted some home made tin type pics she made on her blog. She explained how to do it with transparancies and sharpie's. Cool! I am definately trying this.

AND in Tim Holtz' 2nd book, A Compendium of Curiosities Vol II on page 55 he shows a technique called Reflective Imagery. He shows how to take an antique looking paper photo, put packing tape over it, put in water, rub off the paper on the back to make it a transparency and tape it down on a piece of metal tape and then stick it to a clear fragment with Glossy Accents. Makes it a charm! COOL! I love new arty stuffs!

Yesterday my day was planned to go see "Hitchcock" at the theatre, but alas, it was not playing in Modesto yet, so no movies for me. Instead a person I used to work with asked me to go with her to Bingo.

So I did and had a blast, but alas, I did not win. I have not played Bingo in a very long time. It was fun to remember exactly how to keep up. And they sure play some confusing games now a days. Whew! I am going back soon, as it is cheap fun and I will win! Grrr! I am determined! LOL!

Do you all watch The Big Bang Theory?? It is my new sitcom love! I watch it as often as I can.

This week I was saddened when I heard that Larry Hagman had died. I loved him in I Dream of Jeannie and Dallas in the 70's as evil JR Ewing. I began watching the new Dallas that began this year also. He was as good as ever again as JR. Hope they continue it because it is now centered on JR's and Bobby's sons.


Well, that is it for another week. I must return to evil work tomorrow! Grrr!

Stay safe!


Cheryl said...

I loved I Dream of Jeannie but not Dallas. I hope you get one of Kelly's grab bags on Monday.

Erin in Morro Bay said...

Sharon - I've done that Tim Holtz packing tape transfer and it works like a charm - great result.

Helen Anderson said...

Ooh I love TBBT too Sharon! Watch it at every opportunity, funniest thing I've ever seen on tv I think!