Thursday, November 8, 2012

Through the Windshield

This is pretty much what I see these days. I travel back and forth to San Francisco each week for work and stay a couple of days and then travel back to my home office. That's about it.

This past week, a number of happenings have really slowed me down.

First I had my debit card hacked and purchases were made to my acct. Luckily B of A contacted me immediately to inquire to the purchases. They were made from a Gaming Company in Europe. Since I am not into gaming, it was easy to figure out, but I had to cancel my debit card. So now I am waiting on a new one to arrive, so until then, unless I write checks or go to the bank for cash, I have no immediate fundage. Interesting! I have to change some other stuff also. I have had a paypal acct with my debit card for at least 15 years that I use to buy tons of stuff online. Now I can't until I get a new card and number. This just plain SUX!

Also my beloved Ipod Touch quit charging this week. So I left it plugged in one night and the next morning it had a full charge?!? No lightening bolt when it is plugged in but it charges. I guess the battery is going. Ugh! Yes, my music is on my phone, but it burns up the battery quick, and I kinda need it for work.

In the course of these weeks I have let my Art Journaling go to the wayside. Yes, I hang my head in shame. But I am looking at stepping back into it full on again, soon.

And nowwe just found out the Hubs has been diagnosed with high blood pressure, Diabetes and high C! Yep he says I gave it to him! LOL

I wanted to give a quick update to the happenings in my world.

Have a safe weekend and I will catch up with ya later.

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Cheryl said...

Sorry it took me so long to get here. I'm not much interested in my blog these days. I don't know why. Sorry to hear about your dr card. What a bummer. So glad you're getting things fixed.