Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Toys and New Friends

I have been bad again.....

I went shopping online recently and acquired new arty stuffs as you can see here.

I cannot pass up tape OR stencils and I really needed these. Yep!

I also needed new stickers for my journal that Sami was selling in her Etsy shop.
I am very excited as I met another new Art Friend this week, and I did NOT stalk her either. Cause now I have other folks doing my stalking for me. Hee! Her name is Bev and we met at the fancy new huge Starbux that is here the other evening so we could get aquainted and she checked out my journals. So now I have a bunch of close by arty friends. YAY!! So the secret to this is to find the time to have art days together. Hope that will take place soon.
This next week should be the last week I will have to actually travel for work for the remainder of the year. I asked for the last 2 weeks of the year off for vacation, and got it approved with a couple of conditions, but hopefully it will be OK! I want to do some clutter cleaning in my art cave! Or I should say, I must do some cleaning in here before my stuff completely takes over!!
OK I'm out!

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Cheryl said...

Those new tapes look fabulous! I'm so happy you are building a family of artful friends. They will help relieve stress from the job in two wonderful ways: by listening to you and by you making time to play.