Monday, February 20, 2012

Joy Is......The Town of Niles

So since I actually took a ton of photos last weekend, and have been flooding them on you this week, thought I would add some more.

Niles is a very small community nestled within the edges of Fremont. I believe it's claim to fame is that Charlie Chaplin actually lived here for awhile. I don't know too much else except the movie The Little Tramp was filmed in Niles or at least a part of it was. They hold a Charlie Chaplin Days celebration each year in June and they have this great Museum where they show Silent Films all year long for a very small donation. Too cool! Here is a shot of the Museum:

I didn't get to go through it but would like to someday. Here are some more shots around town:

I saw the Devil's Workshop & Mercantile and really wondered what could happen behind those doors! Maybe someday I will find out.
And here is one more shot of Maria's Studio I left out last time:

This is the complete cabinet where she keeps most of her art journals and really really old books! Oh I wanted to get in there, but did not ask permission this time. Maybe when I return someday soon I hope.

So I will leave you again as my 3 day weekend is winding down to an end and tomorrow my day begins before 5:00am. Yikes!

Have a great week folks!

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Cheryl said...

Wow! Great photos of Niles. Loved seeing the old buildings and Charlie. Nice talking with you last night.