Sunday, February 5, 2012

Joy Is.......The Day Job That Lets Me Travel

Hi folks, while everyone is busy watching the Super Bowl, I decided it was a good time to get my post done.

This past week found me in Morro Bay at the Ocean. Morro Bay is close to San Luis Obispo and has a landmark, called the Rock for this reason:

This shot is from my hotel window. It is very beautiful, and this one is zoomed from the same place:

But this one is the best, since I drove only 2 blocks to the edge of the water to take it:

Absolutely gorgeous!!

These were taken on Tuesday morning when the sun was shining bright, but this next one was taken on Wednesday morning when it was foggy:

Still beautiful.

Other than that I had a very sucessful time working and visiting with the manager down there who is interested in my art journals. We met Linda Ortiz on Tuesday afternoon, the artist who lives in Morro Bay and who had a piece in the last Cloth Paper Scissors. I showed her my journals and she showed us hers. She is a very talented artist, and I loved her beautiful journals. She teaches art classes in San Luis Obispo most Wednesday evenings and Susan was suppose to go to Linda's class on Wednesday night. I have not talked to her since, but hope to this week, to find out how she liked it. She is interested in Art Journaling. As we left the resturant after our meet up, this greeted us:

A very nice sunset! Ahhh, and I was glad I had my camera.

So this time next Sunday I will just be home from a complete weekend of art. I am taking Kelly Kilmer's classes in Fremont all weekend!! WOOT! I promise to tell you all about it and take pics. I promise!



Cheryl said...

Are you kidding me? That sky is pink! I don't think I've ever seen that before. I've also never been to Morro Bay. That is a big rock! Can't wait to hear more about your meetup and Kelly's classes.

Dale Anne Potter said...

LOVELY shots of the hill! Glad you were able to have a meet-up with your friend.