Saturday, February 25, 2012

Joy Is.......A Breather From The Day Job

Whew! What a crazeeee week. I was gone all week and it was a hard one. My day job gets stranger by the day. In reality, as long as everyone does THEIR JOBS the way it is designed, I will be OK. If not, then my day job is in jeopardy. Sigh....

This is a short post, because even though it is the weekend, I must work. When you are asked, "What are you doing at midnight on Saturday?" there is an under lining message you need to be hearing, and until I am financially wealthy, I need to listen to it!

I leave you with an outside shot of Maria's Art Studio in Niles!!

Have a great weekend and week.


Lotus said...

Well this is just sad. I complain that I never get updates on my blog list, and look what I come across first thing... sigh.
Lookin' forward to stopping' by. Hopefully, in a couple hours?

Kelly Kilmer said...

{Hugs} and here's to others getting their act together!