Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ya Learn Something New Everyday

The following short You Tube video is about a Fore-Edge Book. I had never heard of this before yesterday. OMG!! I did some google research and was fasinated for a couple of hours.

As much as I have been a book freek for my entire life not to know about this is beyond me.

Oh, by the way, my next post will be about not receiving comments on my blog except from a very limited group(3-4)of friends.

Enjoy this wonder,


Zom said...

Have I messed up your next post? teehee

Lotus said...

Is this not the coolest thing?!? I would love to see how they did it! Amazing work!

Cheryl said...

Actually, I have seen this before. You said fore edge book on the phone, not fore edge painting, although I think I forgot that that is what it's called. It is very cool indeed.

Anonymous said...

when I was a little girl living on the east coast, my brownie troup took a trip to the library and we were able to see an incredible collection of these types of books. One of my most memorable childhood memories. Afterwards we were able to watch books being repaired by expert bookbinders, I think this my have been my inspiration into my lifetime love of bookmaking.