Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Over

This is an old photo of when I took a Tim Holtz class about 3 or 4 years ago. But since I still can't take pics and get them to play nice with my computer, old memories will have to do.

I actually cleaned up my studio this weekend, just rearranging supplies, etc. Now I will not be able to find anything for a while. HA!

I got a new toy too. I got a Sticker Maker machine. And it is Safety Orange, of course. Anything that moved was made into a sticker this weekend.

And it looks like my job will be changing some in the next few months. The company is reorganizing the Corporate Safety Dept, which I am a key component. I don't know exactly where I will be or exactly what my new role will be yet. But at this time all I know is I will still have a job and my wages are not being effected. Whew!!

Well I am off to bed as I have to leave early tomorrow and drive a 100 miles in the bad fog we have been having lately! Ugh!

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