Sunday, January 16, 2011

Camera/Computer Help, Please!!

I am so upset with my camera and/or computer. I can't get pictures from my camera to my computer here lately. When I plug in my camera, my computer freezes up and stays there until I have to hold in the power button to get it to shut down, then start it back up again, it is a major hassle! So I have been working in my art journal some the last two weekends but have nothing to show you. Hopefully I can get it looked at soon. And if any real life geek happens to stop by with suggestions, I am all ears.

I have been learning how to sew paper for journals. Very fun! And I have been cutting and embossing stuff with my vagabond too.

But the most fun I have been doing on the weekends since the 1st is following Paula Phillips, Journal Artista, working on her art studio for her 31 day challenge. She has done an amazing job in just 2 weeks and we are helping her as she streams by giving her words of encouragement *cough*. (Sometimes we get a little pushy). Hee Hee! Please go look her up on YouTube under Journal Artista, and have a peek at the great progress she has been making.

Well back on the road tomorrow to work. Tomorrow I am driving 100 miles. But the traffic will be light since it is Martin Luther King Day, and alot of folks won't be commuting in the morning. That will be great for a Monday.

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