Monday, September 6, 2010


Just wanted you to know that I AM alive, although just barely. 12-15 hour days, 7 days a week are not the best, but yesterday I was at the peak and beginning tomorrow, I will begin the descent. This has been a challenging adventure for my health also, because of the heat and dust where I am working at. I have been working in a humongous warehouse that is dirty and dusty and of course very hot. I have been sick twice with bronchitis and asthma and sinus problems. Yesterday was the mini first day of revenue service and we got posession of the offices and so the "war room"(temporary office) moved into them yesterday. I immediately moved into the war room and now have AC and less dirt and dust when working except when I am in the shop or the yard.

I have been trying to work in my journal, but verrry little. I get up at 4:00a, leave at 6:00a, get home at 9:00p, go to bed at 9:30p. So not much time for play. But tomorrow is the BIG first day and then I will begin to see a "Get out of Jail" soon card on the horizon.

I will be back soon.................


Lotus said...

Yeah, hang in there CB. It'll be over soon. Sorry to hear it's taking longer than first thought. Kinda sad you don't even get Labor Day off... what's up with that?

Cheryl said...

"The owen are slow but the earth is patient." I am waiting my friend. And I have a steam punk ATC for you as well.