Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's Going On?

The title of this post reminds me of a cool song Marvin Gaye song. But besides that, thought I would catch up on what's been going on around my studio.

So here is the first shot of a new comp journal with cool kraft paper in it, and some japanese papers.

This next shot is of my new Pip Squeak's Color Mixing Markers. You pump them to mix the colors and they write with two colors. Awesome, and cheap. These cost $10.00 at Target. Remember, Crayola makes a ton of very cool art supplies for kids on the cheap. And we are still kids, right??

This is a face I created with the markers. Great color and I simply have to buy makers when I see something new or I think I just have to have them. Yes, ya all know what I lust for...............Art Supplies:)

Now I am getting to the good stuff. Remember these?? Garbage Pail Kids cards? Well I recently picked up some at a Estate Sale and couldn't resist them. I am thinking of trying to make a journal spread and use these in it. Or maybe a give away to my kind friends who follow and actually leave comments on my blog......I'll think on it awhile. Anyway these are the goofiest things to look at. Love them.

And now the best for the last. This Steampunk ATC was sent to me by my very good friend, Cheryl. Isn't it the bestest? WOW!! I was so amazed when I opened it. This lady is very talented and I wish we could get together more often for creation days cause she could teach me so much. I am very blessed to have two close friends, Cheryl and Lotus that love to make art and help me. Color me lucky.

And so I am actually off again this weekend, thinking about buying a new, but very cheap new camera. Mine is a old Sony Cyber-shot 6.0 megapixel. I am not a photographer and can't spend a lot of $$ on a fancy one that I will never use all of, but I can afford something like I have now only with more pixels, and stay withing $75 to $100.00. I will wait until the ads come out tomorrow and see what's on sale.

This post is crazy long, but I really try to post at least once every week if for nothing else just to entertain you.


Lotus said...

AWesome CB!
Love the ATC! Cheryl really is very talented! (pssst: I got one too!) lol
Great pics and loving the face!
Garbage pail kids? YOu find the darndest things.... ; )
I think they would make a great cover for a journal, hint hint... not me, I mean on one of yours. Applied with gel medium... Just a thought... you have tons there!
Enjoy an art filled weekend Sharon!

Cheryl said...

Love your post and pics. Thanks for writing more. Thanks for putting me in your blog. When can we get together?

~Barb~ said...

Oh girl, such good stuff. I always love seeing what you've been up to and the goodies you come across. Great ATC!
Peace & Love always,

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hope you're feeling better!!!!

Garbage Pail Kids...hee hee. That just made me laugh out loud.

Aileen said...

Love the markers, Sharon,thanks for sharing about them. Great ATC you received! Thanks for the nice comments about my door....what do you think does it look finished to you?

Crazy huh about the van it was in front of the Franklyn and Downs mortuary downtown....scary creepy LOL

DHSCampus said...

Love the Garbage Pail Kids find! If you ever want to sell or come across some more email me at and I"ll make you an offer.