Sunday, August 15, 2010

Doodling Away

OK so here I am back again with a new thing. I told y'all a while ago that I doodle when I am on conference calls and I am on a few every week, whew! Since I have to have a notebook to write notes of the call in I also doodle on the pages.

Well, in my studio, I have a table next to my computer and I always cover it with newspaper. So for quite a while now, every Wednesday and Saturday if I can get home from work by 6:30 I have been watching Paula Phillips work in her journal live on UStream, and while that is going on when I am not in the middle of the chat I have been doodling on the newspaper on my table, hence the photo above. I have found that I love to draw and doodle on the small print on the public notices pages and because of the state of the economy, there are a lot of public notices.

It is now almost 4 o'clock. I actually came home early from work and fell into bed for a 2 hour nap. Now I want to work in my journal and make a page with the above doodle drawings, maybe I will, and I have to go over to my folks this evening to see how things are with Daddy.

Oh well, Later days and better ways!! Ha! You thought I was going to say something else, didn't you? Never *wink*


Cheryl said...

You lucky dog. Sunday naps are the bestest!

Lotus said...

Awesome doodles CB! Can't wait to see what you do with them. You may have to consider, since they're newspaper, using gel medium under and over them on your journal spread, to stop the deterioration.
Talk to you later!