Thursday, August 12, 2010

100th Post....Irony

Here we go. My Dad came home from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon. Here he is looking all cool in his shades on the porch after the drama of the weekend calmed down. We were told that his heart is now beating at only 20%. 3 years ago when he had his heart attack, it was beating at 40%. So if you do the math.......

He always said he wanted to live to 100, and so that is the gist of the title of this post. I now know that will not happen. They did not give us a month/year range, but I'm thinking a year or year and a half, IF he does not have another heart attack or something else. And I hope he beats my prediction and knowing him, he just might do it.

The Dr told him he could still drive, so the first thing he did when he got home was to grab my Mom and the dogs, jump in the car and head for KFC for grilled chicken, cause he ate very little in the hospital and he was starving or so he said. Last month he turned 92 and renewed his driver's license for another 5 years and told me that this would be the last one. I teased him and said Thank God, the other driver's on the road thank you!! We laughed alot over that one, and then he said, I can drive just fine cause I have Cat Eyes!! Obviously cats can see damn good while driving!! He is a funny old guy. He will tell you a VERY dirty joke, just to watch you freek and then just laugh and laugh!! I am going to miss him desperately when all this happens.

I wanted my 100th post on my blog to be a happy one, maybe the 101th.


~Barb~ said...

Your Dad is 92...if my dad were still alive (he's been gone 23+ years) he'd turn 91 a week from today. I think he'd be a lot like you describe your Dad to be...dirty jokes and all. Give your Dad a little peck on the cheek from a daughter who misses her Dad right now. And just keep lovin' him while you have him, honey. It's all we can do. *Hugs*
Peace & Love,

Lotus said...

enjoy him while you can. It's so awesome that he's close by and just a few minutes away.

They told my mom that Dad would only live 5-8 years with the condition he was in, but it's been 25! And still going strong...

He just may make it to 100... ; )
hang in there CB

Cheryl said...

Your 100th post is about HOPE. It was beautiful. Your Dad looks like a funny old geezer. I'll just bet he's a hoot an' a holler.

Parabolic Muse said...

This is a great post! I remember when I had my previous blog and found out about your site, I liked finding out the new stuff you were learning ande xploring and now, you've got some doodles going. I love doodling. Since making the transition to the new blog I'm not keeping up with people as well.
100 posts! Congrats!