Thursday, October 10, 2013

OK, Ok.....


Thought I would write a spell and see what turns up.

Lately this is what has been going on:

My laptop caught a virus, even though I had ACTIVE virus protection software! $282.00 later, the virus is gone, and I am not a happy person for having to spend $$ on something stupid, but I cannot live by Ipad alone.

On that very same day I had to send my son $300.00 for something also ridiculous!

I am now addicted to red very crisp  grapes. I eat them everyday, and I believe I am doing my body good by snacking on grapes instead of eating cookies and ice cream and other much loved junk snacks!

And speaking of my body, I am now under the realization that I will have to lose 100 lbs. before the end of the year, just so I can get off of at least 6 prescriptions, so I can afford the Affordable Care  Act. The latest figures for me, because I work, is $6850.00 out of pocket each year. I am still looking at other solutions, I must!

I have been obsessed lately with cleaning the house. Well, really that is a little white lie. I AM cleaning, but actually looking for a Law of Attraction book I had in my hands 4 years ago. I know it is in this house somewhere! So little by little it is being cleaned. And if I find the book? Ha! The cleaning stops immediately of course!

I have a baby possum living in a tree in my front yard! Yikes! He appeared when the Hubs was trimming the trees back for the winter. I guess he is still up there somewhere. I don't have time to play with a possum!

I am now listening to books on CD's while I am driving, which is what I do 90% of my time, because of work travel. I am now on the 4th one, a Patricia Cornwell book called  Trace. Very cool. Never occurred to me that I would like this as I am a "have to actually have a real book in my hand" kind of book nerd. But because of the cleaning,  I have also been taking books to the used book store for credit, today I have 75 bux of credit! Yes, I have a few books, quite a few!

Art? Eh, not much, except I am still working on my rolodex cards for my Scrap O Dex! Soon I will have them all covered with paper and can begin to add embellishments, so they will look super! I am even going to stich on them. And I am taking a Kelly Kilmer class tomorrow in Niles! Can't wait to get out of my art slump!

Talk soon!


Cheryl said...

I was going to call and ask if you were going to Niles. Glad to hear it as you need to relax and have fun. Are the books on tape cassette or CD? I'm going back to my old type of journal, the 8x11 black covered sketchbook by Canson or Art Alternative.

Erin in Morro Bay said...

I've been in a cleaning.organizing frenzy too - ever since the show. I admit it, I have a nerdy tendency to love decluttering and reorganizing, so I'm having fun. Not much actually cleaning, but lots of bags for Good Will and boxes of goodies for the next sale.