Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Actually Made Stuff AND Wrote a Blog Post!


The title of this post says it all! I actually did stuff this weekend instead of my usual vegging!

I actually cooked both yesterday and today! The hubs is in shock but full! LOL

I actually went to a local hospital and visited a girl that I lived next door to when she was born. We had a lot of catching up to do since I left there when she was 10 and she is now 35. Not all of it was fun though, since I actually found out about 5 different deaths that have occurred in the last couple of years, all of people I knew including her Mom! Sad! She is having her gallbladder removed tomorrow.

I actually also did my weekly Sunday visit to my folks! They are fine.

And then:

I actually made 2 spreads  in my art journal! Yay! Me!

Not actually completed yet! But I did some work in my journal!

And I have added some more cards to my Scrap-O-Dex. It is looking fatter each day. And the bottom pic is a close up of one of the cards. It is a ton of fun!

I have actually also been cleaning and doing more organizing in my art cave.

I have been trying to get all of my tapes in the same place in here. So I bought a couple of Reflections containers about 9 X 9 with a lid that locks. I have 98 rolls of tape just in those 2. I have a ton more, at least enough to fill 2 more of these.

I am also having a good time listening to my new audio books in my car. I even dusted off my Library card and went and checked out the next Alex Cross book by James Patterson. I have only 3 more of that series and I will be done. And then I will be starting on another James Patterson series, called the Women's Murder Club. I loved the first one, so I will read/listen to those. There is 12 in that series. I listened to the 1st one this last week and was HOOKED! I never get enough books. My goal is to have read 40 books this year, and I am now at 32.

And I have also been cutting up my arty and Juxtapose magazines, not my art books, but the magazines I will never look at again. I am cutting words and images out to use in my journal.  I will never be selling anything, so those images are fine. I love cutting up magazines for collage fodder.

And that is actually what I have been up to lately or at least this weekend. I was headed for the Bay Area this next week but with the BART strike happening, I will stay away until it is settled!

Actually, is the word I have repeated all over the place in this post!

So actually I am gone!


Cheryl said...

Fabulous post. How nice to find someone from your past to visit with and catch up. Your index cards look fantastic. I love the sunflower one. I also am loving your journal pages. Where do I get the bird woman image? I've seen it many times in other people's work over the years. At least I think I have. I'm happy you had a great artful weekend.

Erin in Morro Bay said...

Wow, busy and productive weekend. And 2 containers, with that much tape and there's a tone left over? That's a lot of tape girl!