Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Have Been Busy

On June 10, 2012,  I wrote a blog post titled, "Day Job Stress...," and in that post I wrote about how my Tim Holtz Dabber paints had dried up and I found out that my craft paints lids and the dabber lids interchanged and I switched them out and well-a, I had new dabber paints!

So, I found this rack at a 2nd hand store yesterday:

It holds 50 craft paint bottles! Looks like it is home made! It is wooden. It measures about 12 X 16 inches.  And it cost 99 cents! Did I score or what????? So this morning I took the rest of my dabber tops off and screwed them onto my craft paint bottles!!!! The dried up bottles of dabber paint are now gone with craft paint lids!! Bye Bye! This is the pic before I added all of the new bottles.

I said I have been busy.

I found a LOA friend that I lost 4 years ago when I started this day job and lost my mind completely. So I went to her house today for a visit and found out she had gotten married, and she and her husband, George, sell books out of their home!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I was like OMG by the stacks of books every where and George knows where every book is. It was amazing. So now I know when I find cheap books that I can take them over to Barbara's and George's and while Barbara and I visit, George can go through them and take what he wants to sell. It will help them and I will feel good about helping them. Barbara actually sells DVD's and VHS Tapes also. Hubs and I have a bazillion VHS Tapes that need to find a home, so he doesn't know it yet, but......

Speaking of the hubs, he is down in LA this weekend, picking up ANOTHER old motorcycle to fix up and sell! Grrrr! But I have the house to myself! YAY!!!!!!

I also found the latest version of the LOA magazine at target this week when I was in Hayward! I love this magazine. If you are into LOA, go find it!

OK I am off to call a friend and do some art!


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Cheryl said...

What a fantastic find at the thrift store. Very cool. Thanks for the gelli plate thing. It works. I'm surprised you haven't written Tim Or Ranger about their paints. Mine dried up too. Fortunately I didn't buy many.It was great talking with you and seeing you on your blog.