Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Caved, But I Got TAPE!!!

OK I caved! But I lasted 2 whole months. 2 months without buying art supplies! Wow, I never thought it was possible.

 But the cave in was for tape and remember, any thing that makes marks, stencils and tape, I lust after. LOL.

So I went to The Neatoshop, here and had a shopping fest! I only got these two tapes at this time, but they have ton's of cool freeky stuffs that I like:

BioHazard Tape and the best, Crime Scene tape! See below how cool it looks on the deck of my laptop when my lid is up? YAY!

And I also caved again and got this tape from Target. It comes in a red, blue and green group. Very strong and sticks good. It's called Printed Paper Tape.

I also bought 2 beautiful prints from Samie Kira Harding AKA Journal Girl's Etsy Shop. I have been following Sam for waay over 6 years. She is a very special friend and paints amazingly. Please check out her blog, You Tube Video's. Just everything she does is Magic!

My camera made them look washed out but they are so full of color and happiness. Yum!

Then I had to go to the Mall, Grrr, I am not much of a Maller. But I needed work shoes and of course I had to go to Hot Topic. They always have such cool freeky stuff there. And of course on this trip I found a Zombie and a Forest Ghost to add to my Journal Pal collection. Hot Topic never disappoints me with this stuff or cool freeky stickers for my journals.

And, speaking of stickers, have I got a story for you. Last week while I was in San Francisco at my favorite place on earth lately...Grrr! I went to our Maintenance shop. Well, this joint has a History. Oh Boy! It actually use to be a Porn Studio! Yes, that is what I said. You can tell where they had had sets, like a Dr's Office. Oops! TMI! But now it is a bus garage, but you can still tell where things used to be. Anyway, I was snooping around in case I have to do an Audit soon and I walked under an overhang that is the bottom of the floor from above and found a nude photo of a star stapled to the under side of the overhang! Yikes! But next to it was this cool cloth sticker, that was put there about 18 years ago I am guessing:

Well, I got one of the mechanic's to get it down for me and it took a lot of explaining which piece I really wanted. The nude photo OR the sticker. Lots of laughs about that went on for awhile. But I am a Journal Fodder Junkie and I had to have it, just the sticker. I actually thought it was paper until I got it and found out it is cloth. I am going to research it soon. I was not allowed on the 2nd floor where most of the sets had been, because all of the stairs were blocked off with 2 X 4's, so no one could go up there. But the Director of Maintenance climbed over and went for a look. I told him I wanted any cool old paper stuff, he could find, but he said there didn't seem to be anything up there and if there was, he would NOT be touching it!! LOL!! I am glad we are only in this building temporarily.

And speaking of Journal Fodder Junkies I saw on Face Book that the boys from JFJ just had their 2nd book published and I had to have it. It is amazing:

So I have had quite a week, and now am gearing up for another. Back to San Francisco this week but then will be away from there for about 3 weeks, as I have to go back to Dallas for meetings the week of the 20th. Yuk!

Stay cool and I will check back next week, my friends!


Cheryl said...

OMG!!! I'm so jealous! I want some of that crime scene tape. WAH! What a hoot about the porn sets. Way to go, Sharon. I can't wait to get my copy of JFJ's 2nd book. I haven't bought any supplies in a loooooooonnnnnnngg time.

Connie Lutz said...

great finds, Sharon! I think I have to buy the "Biohazard" tape! Also - love the bug-eyed little guy...thanks for the enabling;-)