Sunday, July 29, 2012

Restful Weekend

Hey folks,

On Friday I had another Epidural for my neck so I can turn my head easier. (makes it easier to drive). LOL. Anyway, I had a plan to wake up early and have coffee and a snack since they told me I could not have anything after 4:40am. So at 3:45 I woke up and had a cup of coffee and a new breakfast snack I found, called BelVita, which are Breakfast Biscuits that taste like Graham Crackers. But are waay more better for you with 19g of whole grams per 4 biscuits. My brother showed them to me when we went to Target. Yum!
Anyway, I went back to bed at 4:30 and slept till 8:30:-). Jumped up and got ready for the Hospital. Went in at 10:40 and was done and home at 12:30, went back to bed and woke up at 3:30pm.  That was just Friday.
So last, I took a nap in the afternoon, and slept last night from 11:00pm until 8:30 this morning! YAY!! I have been so sleep deprived lately that I had to catch up and I was actually looking forward to the Epidural to help me out. It worked. I can turn my head almost completely again and hope it lasts as long as the last Ep did which was a year. Thank God for Insurance, so it only costs me $100.00 co-pay. The surgeon said I could have one 3 times a year if  needed, but I will do it once a year.

So on to other stuff.

My Dad had his 94th Birthday on the 11th and sadly I am noticing he is sleeping waay more, than he use to. They had a whole house load of folks and he was out. But I have never seen him eat so much. HA! My Mom cooked a BIG dinner, that she was not suppose to do. Very stubborn! Grrr! Anyway, Daddy ate 2 big plates full and then a big helping of Banana Pudding! Yikes! Then he went to his chair and was out. They came to my house for dinner twice while my Brother was here, and both times he fell asleep at the table after he ate. But he does it sitting up! LOL

My Sister, BIL and my folks are planning a trip to Missouri to see my son and his family in September. No one fly's so they are going by car. OMG! But Daddy will sleep all of the way there and then wake up, and wonder how they got there so fast. LOL! They are brave souls! Me=flight which I never thought I would ever say 20 years ago. But now, I think, ZOOOOM!

Art is still out of my reach. I have lost the urge, but I will get it back. Yesterday I went to a yard sale and found these great Antique Needle Books:

They are so cool. The top one I would like to turn into a journal, since it folds into a book. But we will see.
My friend Lotus came over last night for a visit and showed me the most beautiful paintings she has been working on, and of course I didn't take a picture of them. GRRR but they are sooo cool! She brought me this cool sticker:

This is so me!

I had a good visit with my brother while he was here, even though I had to work. And while he was here he spent $$ which is a foreign concept for him. New Ipad, New GPS, New Cell Phone and a new power adapter for his laptop, which quit the day before he left. He said he is not coming back!! HA, but I had a lot of fun spending his money, like a good sister and Geek would. Hee!

Now it is time to think again about work, as I have to get ready for my Priority Division Call in the morning, which is my beloved San Francisco! WOW! It needs work!

Have a safe week and get lots of rest. We all need it from time to time!

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Cheryl said...

Glad you had a good visit with your family while your brother was here. Glad the EP went okay. I love the old needle folders. They are way cool!