Monday, August 20, 2012

Trying to Out Run the Heat!

I am so busy running crazy for the day job, that I forgot to post last week. Yikes!

One day last week,  I actually took a break right in the middle of work. We have a division that drives shuttle buses from May to September in Sequoia National Park. So since I have never been up there, I thought it was time to make the 2 hour trip out of Visalia. So 8000 feet later, I got there. WOW!! I actually worked, then went on a tour with the Road Supervisor.

 Here I am in front of a GIANT tree root! Wow!

 And another of me standing in front of this tree called the General Sherman. Yikes! Below is the history of it. Click on it to enlarge it to read. Very cool stuff.

This is the Valley seen from Morro Rock. That white spot on the bottom is a river. Weird, how I have 2 divisions in 2 different locations that have tourist attractions called Morro Rock!

This is called Tunnel Log, and I made the Rd Supe go drive through it for me! Hee! This whole place makes you feel really small!

And just so you would believe me that I was working, here is a pic of one of the very large buses we drive up there on very narrow roads with crazy looky loo tourists on edges of cliffs! Yikes! Very scary looking out of the window straight down 8000 feet, half of the time with no guard rails!

And you know what this means. I am flying out to Dallas tomorow morning for a week of meetings and will fly home Friday night. More heat AND humidity! WOW! Last week in Visalia it was 107 and 108 everyday! It was, to say the least, very uncomfortable. That ain't good on me body!

I have not worked in my journal for quite sometime. Just too exhausted most of the time. But next week I am heading to cooler weather. I am going to Morro Bay and  again I have stalked another arty person that lives there. I am so thrilled to be able to meet Erin Perry. We are meeting at the only, (I think) Starbux in Morro Bay for a meet and greet and to check out journals!! Whee!! Can't wait.

Have a safe, cool week!

PS: See up at the top of my blog, on the right that says I gave the gift of time to an artist? Well there is suppose to be a button up there also for Less Herger of Comfortable Shoes Studio. But I am so blogger gadget challenged, I could not get it up there, but anyway, I donated some fundage to help her out so she can stay home from work one day and use that one day strictly for making art. Please check it out.

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Cheryl said...

Glad to see you're having a little fun while you're out and about. I honestly don't know how you can stand the heat. Good luck in Texas. Call me when you get back.