Sunday, February 13, 2011

Very Busy Weekend

Hey folks, well I am trying to unwind from a very busy weekend. Our room mate returned from NYC and I immediately sic'd him on my computer to see if he could fix the problem of my camera and computer NOT being nice to each other. Well he kinda got it to work better and I was able to save some pics of my recent journal pages. Oops, I thought I had turned it around. Sorry. This reminds me sorta of a Traci Bautista page.

This one I dedicated to my friend Cheryl who had to move back to Washington because she lost her job in California. I miss the the times I could jump in the car on a Saturday morning and drive 100 miles to her house so we could have a play day together. I was still practicing with my Copic Airbrush System here, with the Peace Sign stencil, which actually turned out cool.

This pic is where I sprayed ink through a Mendhi stencil. Such fancy detail, I love it.

This is a "Floputunity" as Paula Phillips would say. I wasn't exactly sure what I was actually going for, but I took the page out of my journal put it in an embossing folder and ran it through both directions in my Vagabond. Then I ran an ink pad over it so it inked on the raised areas. Taped it back into my journal. Cool.

Here is the other side.

I have more pages to show you, but it is late and I have to get to bed for the next work week awaits! Grrr!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was extremely busy, and I am bushed.


~Barb~ said...

Ohhhh, beautiful pages all. Do you still like your copic airbrush system? I've thought about getting it but don't know that I'd use it as much as I think I would. I don't have an embossing machine but I do love the effects you can get with it. Very cool stuff, Sharon.

Have a Happy Valentine's day and a good Monday.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl said...

I love, love, love the pages you made. I'm glad your roommate came home to help you. We are experiencing such high winds up here I can't get the internet to stay up for more than 15 minutes. I hope you're having a problem-free week.