Thursday, December 26, 2013

Xmas Stuffs BUT Watch Video from Last Post First! That's an Order!

Hey folks,

Hope you all survived Christmas, but since it was just yesterday, maybe not!

I made it through without a scratch, and not dramatized! YAY!

I got a cool blanket throw from Barnes and Noble that I thought was being bought for my Dad, but was mine! It is heavy and perfect to curl under to read!

I also got a Nutribullet, since I am suppose to start using to make smoothies for health reasons. It is cool. But the best???...


These are new Golden High Flow Paints, meaning they can be used in air brushes and refillable markers, since they are very thin!! There are 10 opaque colors on the left and 10 translucent colors on the right. These are 1 oz bottles and even though there are waaay more colors than these, I am happy and can add more later. It pays to know what you want, print out the order info from the store and hand it to Santa and say, this is what I want! Works every time. LOL So since I am on vacation, I will begin to work with them. And before you ask, another arty friend of mine, also ordered a set of these and we tried to get them to work from a water brush. I wasn't too happy with that, since it just didn't want to flow well. Ugh!

A couple of latest AJ pages:

Now if you didn't behave and look at the last post first, like I told you, please do so now, then this last page will make more sense. The video is from Jane Davies. This page has a skin on it!

My parents at dinner yesterday.

Have fun with what Santa bought you!


Cheryl said...

Looks like we've both been having fun. I pulled out my gelli plate this afternoon and mixed Lumiere and acrylic paints with my brayer. Very cool. So now I guess I'll have to go buy some Scribbles. Hee-hee! Happy New Year!

Erin in Morro Bay said...

Cool paints - keep us posted on how they work out.