Wednesday, December 4, 2013

PANIC! (Nevermind)

OK Now I feel like a fool.

 After I hit publish for this, and then hit view blog, my blogs were back!

All is well for the moment!


I got up this morning and saw that all of my blogs I follow had disappeared from my blog!!! YIKES!
to say I am upset is a major under statement!
So if anyone out there in Blogger blog-landing knows anything to help, please step up! I know out of my 49 followers, I only see comments from about 4, but that is OK, if you 4 know how to fix this.

Yes, I rebooted my laptop

Yes, I signed out and signed back into Blogger

No, I am not savvy enough with blogger to really understand the gizmo's in settings. I can barely change my header.



Julie Prichard said...

Try using Feedly to follow your blogs... It's awesome and easy.

Cheryl said...

I noticed something changed but I could have sworn I got an email or alert from Blogger. My blogs showed up after about 15 seconds or maybe I scrolled down. I don't know.