Monday, December 23, 2013



So ya know, I am just kicking back relaxing, right?? Yea......

Since day after tomorrow is Christmas, and I am not done with my stuff, well you know where I am at.

My brother is here visiting from Virginia and so I  have been busy, busy!

I have already received some gift's and want to share with you!

So the first 3 pics is what I received in my Xmas box from my friend Cheryl in Washington!! EEEP!!! So cool! I tried a panoramic pic with my iPhone in the first one. LOL. She sent me tons of maps! I love maps. The next one is the stamps and punches she sent and for added imagery, I included my cat's tail in the pic!
The last pic is of the Smashbook that she made into a day planner, art journal, etc for 2014! This spread is for February! So cool! Cheryl is very talented. I linked her blog above. Please check out her talents!

This is a drawing that Less Herger created on a recycled can lid. Another friend gave this to me as a gift! This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Please go to Less's blog and visit her Etsy Shop to see these small recycled drawings! I love this thing! Amazing!

I am hoping that I can get into my art journal while I am off for the next 2 weeks! Hoping...

In January I decided that I would keep track of how many books I would read this year. My goal was 40, but by the time 2014 rolls around, I will be in the middle of # 49! Thanx to my friend Beth who introduced me to James Patterson, Alex Cross series, which led me to the Women's Murder Club series also by James Patterson! Great detective books!

Have a great holiday with your family's and friend's. Remember those less fortunate and don't stress over everything that is going on in the world. It is too depressing! Dwell on the HAPPY!

Till next year, I am out!


Cheryl said...

Look at the loot! I hope you take some "me" time and play in your art journal.Merry Christmas, my friend. I love you.

Barbara Smith said...

Wow if you didn't get an awesome goodie bag. So, does Cheryl need a new friend? LOL

So glad to hear you are off for 2 whole need it, girlfriend! Enjoy.

And you're right...not gonna worry about all the worldly crap and just enjoy my personal world happy.

Love you!