Sunday, April 7, 2013

Just Getting Along

Hi Folks,

It is time for an update from my crazeee life!

On April 1st at 5:30am, I was already up and on the computer when my phone starts ringing and it was the Hubs. Asking me if I would come downtown to the Transit Center and pick up a little friend that rode his bus from the yard. Well at first I thought it was an April Fools joke, but I went ahead and got dressed and drove down there and here is what I found:

Meet Buddy! A nice little cuddly boy maybe 8 months old. Of course this is Cat # 4 in the house. Yikes! I am going to be called the Crazy Cat Lady! He calmed down Sox, the other boy we have. Sox would torment our old cat, Maxie, but since Buddy has moved in, Sox plays with him and leaves Maxie alone. YAY!! Good news. I just realized this pic is creepy looking, but he was stretched out in the box upside down so I took it.

On the art side, I went out today and used my new spray paints and shot through stencils in my big Dyan Reaveley Journal. They turned out swell: except I didn't get this one turned around.

Looks blue but actually black.

 OK, if I take the pic with my iphone and save it to my desktop and turn it, it saves right side up on the desk top but won't stay saved for Blogger! GRRRR

Oh well, this is the last one anyway. It was fun and I want to do more. I have been buying a can of Liquidtex Spray Paint every time I go to Michael's with a coupon. I am up to 11 cans, but 2 of those are from Aaron Brothers, called Montana Spray Paint. Low odor, if you use them inside. I always spray paint outside. Safer!
And speaking of safer, I am in the middle of taking a 30 hour online OSHA class! It is going to kill me! I have been working on it for 1 month. And I think I am only at 17 hours, Ugh!
So that's what I have been up to lately! Have an arty week. Bye!


Cheryl said...

I like your new cat, Buddy. Sounds like he fits right in. I never know what to use my coupons on so I don't bother. Now I know. Thanks. I love all the stencils you have and the colours you use. What fun. I especially love the heart one that looks like its dripping. That's totally cool. I'm buying Dina Wakley's silhouette stencils. I'm going to figure it out-stencils and acrylic paint. Harumf!

Erin in Morro Bay said...

Love the stencil work - great colours and patterns!