Saturday, November 19, 2011

Joy Is......Happy Mail

I was gone every day last week conducting a class in Vallejo, which was exhausting. So I dragged myself home yesterday afternoon and I had a great surprise when I walked in and saw a box on the diningroom table. So after I emptied my suitcase and put everything away and started laundry, I checked out the box and almost fell over when I saw who it was from! Paula Phillips! I was so excited I ripped it open all wonky but that was okay. I took these pics after I got my breath back!

This book is so cool to me. Both Paula and I are in Safety. Paula in a Box Factory and me of course in Public Transportation, so she sent me this cool log book for work related accidents. Wow!

This is an assortment of papers and some cool napkins! Love the one with the bird but the coffee cup one is the best! I love to glue napkins in my journal for backgrounds. And the white cardstock on the right is some punch out small file folders and tabs and she sent two bottles from Lindy Stamp Gang. One is a Moon Shadow Mist called Mystic Malachite and the other is a Starburst Stains called Black Orchid Silver! One is a spray and the other is in a dauber bottle. These you add hot water to and make them, since they come dry! They really shimmer!!

More cool papers.

And Stencils!!! Although I guess I only took this picture of 2 of them, she actually sent me 3 Crafter's Workshop stencils. Woot!

This rubber stamp Paula said is to be cut apart to make textured back ground stamps. But I don't think I could lay a pair of scissors to it. And I may have misunderstood her also, but I don't care. Isn't it great?

This is a old fan fold out ink guide for inking the text on the boxes they are making? (I am guessing). I can see me using these for pages in Junk Journals with someone looking through the holes!

This stamp I am sure could only be found in Canada, eh? LOL!

Last weekend for Veteran's Day, Interweave was selling all of their DVD's for $11.11 for 12 hours. That is when I said, OK now is the time to get a copy of Paula's Video. And that was also here when I got home.

Go over to Paula's Ustream channel, and watch the recording of what she created tonight. Wow!! This girl is a genius and I am so proud to call her one of my bestest friends.
And go here to see Paula's latest article in the newest Art Journaling Magazine, Pages

So that wraps up another week.

Next week is Thanksgiving, so the next time you hear from me I will be too full of all of the trimmings plus a little Turkey!

Have a safe Holiday!


Dale Anne Potter said...

AWESOME box of goodies to come home to! ENJOY!!!
I sent the liner to my Journal Artista DVD to her to sign & send back (included a SASE)....LOL!

Cheryl said...

How wonderful it feels to come home to presents! I love your post with pics. Thanks for including Paula's u-stream link.

Lotus said...

Great haul CB! Sorry I missed your previous post, but the pages are looking great! Good to see you "arting". Glad to see Eva coming over too! What about Dee (that her name? lol)?
We gotta have another art day!

~Barb~ said...

You lucky about a great score. Very nice. I am really wanting those the Ginko leaves.
Peace & Love,