Sunday, November 13, 2011

Joy is.......Art Journaling a Bunch

I found a definition on someone's blog for Art Jounaling. I cannot claim it as my own. I am in the process of changing it around to make it my own, but here it is the way I found it:

Almost perfect, but again, it is not mine, so I am borrowing it for now.

I have been busy busy the last week creating art journal spreads. For some reason, I always kick it into high gear at this time of the year. Here they are in no particular order:

I have a bestest friend named Dale Anne Potter here who is an avid EVERYTHING Creator. This lady is an amazing artist and quilter. She is a profound follower of the LOA, Law of Attraction, and she is a great inspiration. She sent me this quilted postcard:

Please check out Dale's Blog for everyday inspiration. And pssst, she is selling these fabulous quilted postcards right now.

I have been trying to keep up with Nanojoumo over at Dawn's site:

I have only been making a few notes, everyday. But at least it is something. I do like the way Dawn is doing small phrases instead of just one word this year. Cool.

I did actually get to do a small amount of shopping yesterday. Ya know those 50% off coupons burn holes in my pocket! Hee! So I went to Aaron Brother's Art and Frame joint and almost had a heart attack when I found these:

I have been looking for these Inktense Blocks since I saw Paula use them on her DVD. Woot! And since I had that 50% off coupon I was justified into buying these. *wink*

And then I walked around the end of the aisle and saw this, and again almost had heart failure:

And this was already marked down 50%!! Woot! Been wanting one to work on, and now I had one cheap. Woo Hoo!

I know this is a long post but I have one more picture to share:

This is my new snack. OMG! There should be a law on how good something this small can taste and I can have a couple a day. Yay!!

My friend Eva came over yesterday afternoon for a while and taught me how to make a paper box that folds down into a card. Cool. It will come in handy to hold small Xmas gifts this year.

So that is all of the news and food going on with me. I am leaving today to spend the week in Vallejo to teach a Government Bus Trainer Instructor Course to 20 folks who on Monday will be a feared to speak in Public but on Friday, they will be trying to beat each other to be the first to speak in front of us. Hee! It is so fulfilling to watch folks come out of their shell and come alive right in front of your eyes. Wow! It is an amazing experience.

Have a great week and remember there are only 7 weeks left of 2011, if you are interested.


Dale Anne Potter said...

THANKS Sharon! I am so HAPPY to have YOU in my life!!!
Lots of LOVELY journal pages there!!!

Cheryl said...

Seven weeks, huh? Damn, I thought I had more play, to plan, to colour, to paint, to smile, to laugh, all in 2011. Can I do it all?

I love your art journal spreads. I'm trying to keep up with NaNoJouMo, too.