Sunday, December 12, 2010

1902 Studio and New Toys

I love this pic of this artist studio from 1902. The best part, he has a bed in there that in case he needs a nap, he can just walk less than 3 feet and snooze to regain some strength and refresh his creative mind. I like that idea.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to taking a day off to spend some time with someone very special to me. I will use that subject for my next post.

My camera has been crashing my computer lately every time I try to import pics from it. As soon as I get that figured out I will show you my new toys. But until then I will just tell you about them.

First I got my Tim Holtz Vagabond Machine. OMG! It is very cool. I only have a naked tree die to play with right now and a couple of texture fades but I am learning how it works.

The next happy thing is my hubby found a very small air compressor at the flea market and worked on it this weekend and got it hooked up so I can use my Copic Pens for air brush painting. That looks totally cool with stencils. Amazing.

They last thing I want to get is a darning foot for my sewing machine so I can doodle freehand on fabric and paper. But the darn darning foot is not as easy to find as I thought it would be. So I have to wait on that.

Well, I have blabbed long enough and I need to go get a hair cut as I am looking pretty shaggy.

Have a great week and be safe out shopping. Tis the season....unfortunately, if you know what I mean.


Cheryl said...

See you tomorrow my friend. I love you.

Lotus said...

I am green with envy! And I'm sorry I never had the opportunity to meet Cheryl. I hope you gals have a wonderful time!

Your new toys sound awesome CB!

Thanks for posting on my blog too... ; )