Saturday, January 4, 2014

I Have Found My Sanity

Hey folks!

I have had a very interesting and extremely fun week. Beginning last Sunday, I bought a 50% off Weekly 2014 Moleskine Planner and began a journey.

5 ladies including Roben Marie Smith, started this.

It is called The Documented Life Project, (DLP), and all it is, is one part planner, one part journal, which consists of tip in's for each week of the year added in with Washi tape. Like this which makes it very fluffy:

12 monthly tabs placed on top, and a weekly challenge given to us each Sunday. The first challenge was a door. So that was easy for me since I want to keep negativity away from my door this year. So I took a pic of my front door and placed it on the front of the tip in and added a Negativity quote on it. Cool! The tip in's are for working on the weekly challenges, like drawing or taking photos, etc.


To create this as my own, I gessoed the covers, and then sprayed inks and inked through an quote stencil on the back here:

The front cover, I am still adding doodles, etc to:

And the weekly planner part:

This is the most excited I have been about Art Journaling in a while. I have devoted a whole entire week to building this. I will carry this with me when I travel so I can add stuff to it.

I have a daily writing journal that I write about my day in each night before I go to sleep. It holds a lot of negative stuff that I encounter on my job, etc. That is where I write the negative away each night. But this DLP is only to be used for the positive!

I am also doing a 26 week Money Challenge. Google it. Since I get paid bi monthly, I will deposit a certain amount each payday or twice a month and at the end of this year I will have saved almost 1400 bux! YAY!

If you are interested in the DLP, go here:

You will not be sorry! This is way better than most New Year stuff out there!

Happy New Year!

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Cheryl said...

I love it! Can't wait to see it in person. I love the zendoodles.