Friday, November 15, 2013

More AJ Pics

Hey, I have actually been doing stuff in my journal! Yay Me!

Cool image! This one is not complete though.

This is about a good friend and a very sad story! Looks like she is being forced to leave CA! Yep, it SUX!

This looks pink, but believe me it is red. Just like the rest of  US, I had to choose new healthcare, so when I did this page, I was very upset about it. My present healthcare group did not want to be kind to my employer so as of 1-1-2014, I will be an official Kaiser Permanente Member! I have to pay more than I do now, but I am not young and have TOO MANY issues, not to have healthcare! Grrr

I have decided in this journal, I am not going to have too many "pretty" pages! I want them to be rough and a little bit ugly! I really like this one!

This one is definitely not great! The left side is OK but the right page is YIKES! I didn't know what I wanted around the weird stripy doll so I scribbled! Yuk!

Now this one is actually based on a true story. When I was in HS, we lived on a dairy where my Dad milked. Since our house only had 2 bedrooms, my brother got one and of course my parents got the other, so that left me outside in a small silver stream camping trailer for a bedroom. Now before you start saying, Oh the poor thing, I loved it. It was made into an actual bedroom with a desk, closet and bed. No sink, etc. Anyway, I could stay up late reading and play my record player, etc. And since I was already smoking, it was easy to sneak that too.
The best story I have about this is my brother was a little heathen back then and he picked on me constantly, so one day he was chasing me to kill me, or so I thought and as I ran into the trailer, he said something about telling Mom and Dad that I had been smoking, so I turned around to slug him and just as I threw my fist, he slammed the door and my fist and arm went through the glass in the door, and cut me pretty bad! I still have the scars! LOL! PS, that is not a pic of me!

One last thing, I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond tonight to get coffee and saw this. It is a very large, 23 X 16 inch Oven Liner, like the Ranger Craft Mat, but bigger and only cost $9.99! Takes up to 500 degrees so no heat gun's will harm it. And the size is the best part. A regular Ranger Craft Mat is 11 X 17 for $17.99 This one may be a little thicker, but who cares, it is great! Mine is black, and I bought it at a kitchen supply store many years ago. I love it.

So that is the end of this story! Have a great weekend!


Cheryl said...

Wow! You did a lot this week. I keep forgetting I have to sign up for medicaid. I better write it down to do soon or I'll be stuck in the last minute crunch. Anyway, I love your messy, ugly pages. They're beautiful. I love to watch you explore.

Sandy Guderyon said...

Great post, Sharon and your pages are honest and speak of you and how you feel! You do great work on your blog! Thanks so much for the tip on the oven liner-will go and check it out. I have the other, more expensive liner and while it works, it's not big enough, so maybe this one you mention will be better. Thanks so much!

Erin in Morro Bay said...

Oven liner - what a great find!