Monday, October 1, 2012

Gone in the Name of Business

I began my Transportation career in 1985 driving a School Bus like the above, a 1972 Gillig. Very interesting to say the least. I was OK with the kids but it was not great with the other drivers. Attitudes and so much hatred, I had to leave and find another job. So I ended up in Modesto driving City Buses in 1990 like this one below for a small family company called T.R.I.P.S which stood for Tuolumne River Intercity Passenger Service:

Now these were fun. This is a 1963 GMC Transit Coach, (Think The Honeymooners). You could see the roadway through the floorboards. And smoked so much black smoke, you could not see who was following you. And no such thing as AC! Yikes! But baby they would fly! And they had no power steering so you would have to start turning the steering wheel a block from your turn. Whee! Anyway that started my career in Modesto 22 years ago. Of course now days the drivers drive updated equipment like this coach:

Since I have always worked for Contractors, I have worked for 3 different company's in the same  Modesto facility. And now this past weekend we had to remove everything out of the facility that belonged to MV Transportation and leave because another Contractor has acquired the contract and I am not employed by them, nor do I want to be at this time. My husband will be driving there for the new company and I will still be on the road responsible for one less division now.

22 years of my life, Gone in the name of Business just like that!

But WOW what a ride!




Cheryl said...

Such an adventurous career. I can't understand why there would be hatred toward driving the school buses. I have always enjoyed riding transit buses. You never know who you're going to meet. And I've met some interesting characters. Well, do you have any spare time yet?

Marius said...

WOW what a nice read!

Marius (Featuring Team)

inki said...

Been awhile since I have been to your blog, slee..nice story on your career, enjoyed it, tfs.