Monday, December 14, 2009

Just an Update

Well since I have been soooo busy with work and NOT with my journaling, I felt that I needed to play catch up.

My back has been acting up very bad lately. It makes it hard for me to think about anything, except how I can stay working and not take any time off. So all of my thinking is along working lines.

I also had to attend a "Celebration of Life" service this past week for someone who was ill for 30 years before the disease took him, which was very sad.

So, here I am up early this morning with an overload of work facing me this week and I am in no mood to do any of it. Am I just having a Pitty Party or what???? OMG!! I am sad!!

But as the song says, Time Marches On...........................


~Barb~ said...

Sharon, honey, when we are sad or hurting or just plain down-in-the-dumps, that is often the time we NEED to find time to spill our souls into our journal. Even if you only take a few minutes here and there to collage a piece of something you've found, or write one line of what's on your mind, or just dribble some paint here and there, DO IT! It works wonders, that feeling of creating something (anything) can life your spirits when you need it most. I'm here, friend.
Peace & Love,

Chris said...

I am so sorry. Honest emotion is one of the things that makes being human so rewarding, but it doesn't always feel like that. Keep things close to your heart, including your journaling, until you feel the need to share.