Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Journal Time

Hey folks, I have been away for awhile working, working to get my replacement person up to par so I can get on the road with my new job. And I have actually been working in my journal quite a bit lately, to relieve stress I believe.
Anyway, The two poloroid looking pics are from my new Fuji Instant I showed you on my last post. My hubby and my two cats wanting outside. The camera takes good shots and fun since you can get them Right Now!! Quite an amusement for young folks who have never seen a poloroid camera. Hee Hee!!

These other pics are some journal pages I have been working on lately. I actually feel waaay more comfortable now than before I took Teesha Moore's class.

I will be with my dad tomorrow and listen to him talk about those 91 one dollar bills I will be handing him next month on his 91st BD.
Hope everyone has a great Father's Day tomorrow, especially the Dad's.


Anonymous said...

Wow CB!
Your journal pages are really awesome! I love the first one. The camera pix look great! They do look like polaroids! Very cool...


grouse.and.badger said...

LOVE the top page. Others are good but the top one is definitely up my alley!

Thanks for coming by today. Looking forward to seeing more :)